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Thank you for your interest in
Ivy Review's College Entrance Seminars.

Participation Fee: $10 per family (limited to 4 per family)

Receive a FREE gift, Mr. Hull's latest book, Ten Commandments to Ivy League & Stanford at the seminar.

All proceeds will be donated to International Association of Youth, a non-profit organization to promote leadership in youth.

Our next seminars will be in 2014.

We would like to share some of the wonderful comments we received.

"I attended your Santa Clara Seminar last year. Until I attended your seminar last year, I was not very serious about my studies. My goal was always to go to a good college, but I never took my studies seriously. But last year, when you told me your story about your parents and your childhood, I realized that our story is very similar. My parents are also immigrants, and they do not speak English. My mom is a baby sitter, and my dad works at a convenient store. They both work day and night for me, so they can provide me with everything I need in order to be successful in my studies. When I grow up, I want to be able to give my parents everything they want. I want to give them the best lifestyle, and I need to study really hard for that. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes. Thank you very much." S.V.

"We liked your seminar and was very impressed with the facts that you have shared." - V.A.

"I was at the Ivy Review seminar. Very impressive and very motivational." - V.K.

"Your seminar was really amazing. This was completely better than the other seminars I've been to regarding Ivy League Schools." - S.T.

"We attended your seminar today at Cupertino. Very impressive. - V.G.

"The seminar was very informative and motivational." -P.L.

"Thank you so much for presenting such useful information." -S.S.